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Turf fertilization and weed control is not as easy as it seems. Let the seasoned professionals at A Abby Group handle your turn care in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas. Our eight-step program aims for a healthy green turf with as few weeds as organically possible. Our landscapers treat your lawn with proper fertilization and weed control at appropriate times during the year. We are trained and licensed to handle and apply the high-grade chemicals we use on your lawn.
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Applying Lime to Your Lawn

Your lawn should have an ideal pH, or soil acidity, close to the neutral point. Should the soil in your lawn become too acidic, it can hinder how the turf grows. Applying lime to your lawn is recommended to help balance out the soil. Lime is a natural product that helps raise the soil’s pH. Soil tends to be acidic in Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas, and fertilizers will add to the soil’s acidity over time. This makes lime a very beneficial counterpart. Lime can also help turf absorb all the nutrients in fertilizer, which it won’t be able to do if the soil is too basic on the pH scale. Lime acts like a multivitamin for your soil’s overall health.

Surface Insecticide

Surface insecticide treatment is crucial for pest management strategies. This treatment involves applying insecticide directly onto the surfaces where pests are known to travel, hide, or nest. The effectiveness of these treatments hinges on the choice of insecticide, which must be suited to target specific types of pests, along with the thoroughness of the application to ensure complete coverage. Our insecticide treatment options also include fire ant prevention.

Grub Worm Treatment

Grub worms feed on grass roots and can quickly destroy any yard. These larvae come from various beetles and lead to unhealthy and unsightly lawns. Effective treatment involves identifying the presence of grub worms through common signs such as brown patches and increased bird activity. Treatment includes applying insecticide during early to mid-summer when the worms are most vulnerable, which our lawn specialists will effectively apply to your lawn for the best results.

Fungicide Options

A wide range of fungal diseases can severely affect your lawn's health. Our fungicide services are designed to prevent and treat common fungal issues, including mildew, rust, blight, and root rot, which can devastate turf, ornamentals, and other plantings. Our proactive approach restores the vitality and beauty of your yard while also setting up safeguards against fungal threats.
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Expert Turf Care Services

Turf care is critical for comprehensive landscaping services. The professionals at A Abby Group have over 40 years of experience designing and maintaining healthy turf in Metro Atlanta and the surrounding area. Regular maintenance includes mowing, aeration, and overseeding to promote strong root growth and dense grass coverage. Aeration serves several purposes, including reducing soil compaction, improving soil structure, drainage, and stimulating root growth. We also offer timely fertilization and weed control tailored to each lawn we service. Should you have weed control issues, we offer free service calls for clients on a yearly contract. Our commitment to excellence and customer service is evident in the results. If you are interested in any of our turf care services and would like to schedule your lawn services today, be sure to call us. We want to create beautiful and healthy lawns across Atlanta, GA.
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