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Elevate your commercial property's aesthetic and functional appeal with A Abby Group’s commercial hardscape installations in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas. Our professional team brings over 40 years of experience transforming outdoor spaces into visually stunning and practical environments. Our comprehensive services include permeable pavers, retention walls, and everything in between. Discover how our award-winning team brings your vision to life.
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Paver Walkways

Installing elegant paver walkways, whether into an entranceway or weaving through outdoor spaces, enhances safety by guiding foot traffic and significantly elevates the visual appeal of pedestrian experiences. These paths offer an inviting journey, encouraging exploration and enjoyment of their surroundings.

Patio Areas

Create patio spaces with durable materials such as stone or concrete pavers to transform any outdoor area into a perfect seating, dining, or social gathering setting. These materials enhance the beauty and functionality of outdoor spaces and withstand the elements, ensuring your patio remains open year-round.

Retaining Walls

Each retaining wall we build is unique to your property. Made of various materials, including natural stones, decorative blocks, boulders, bricks, or wood planks, retaining walls help sculpt the landscape and create even garden beds. Trust our team to achieve an attractive and efficient finished retaining wall.

Outdoor Seating Areas

Enhance your outdoor space by installing custom seating areas with built-in benches, seat walls, or aesthetically pleasing seating elements that fully integrate into the hardscape design. These additions elevate the visual appeal of your landscape and provide a functional and comfortable space for relaxing and socializing.

Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Consider incorporating fire pits or fireplaces into your outdoor seating areas to enhance their appearance. These features provide warmth during the year's cooler months and add a charming ambiance. Let your fire pit or fireplace be a captivating focal point for social gatherings while creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Water Features

Beautify your commercial landscape by constructing water features like elegant fountains, serene ponds, or cascading waterfalls. These additions add a sense of tranquility and relaxation to the area. They also increase visual interest, helping your property stand out by providing a peaceful retreat in a busy setting.

Decorative Paving Patterns

Incorporate decorative paving patterns like the herringbone, basket weave, or running bond to infuse texture and visual appeal into your outdoor area. These patterns can dramatically transform the aesthetic of paved surfaces in patios, walkways, or plazas, making them not only functional but artistically appealing.

Permeable Paving Systems

Permeable pavers are sustainable pavements with a base and sub-base to allow stormwater through their surface. This reduces runoff and traps suspended solids while filtering pollutants from the water. We are ICPI certified and committed to providing aesthetics, durability, and sustainability to your commercial property.

Outdoor Kitchen and Grill Islands

Construct an outdoor kitchen or grill island fully equipped with various amenities to enhance your outdoor cooking and entertainment experiences. Amenities include built-in barbecue grills, spacious countertops, sinks for easy cleanup, and storage cabinets to keep your utensils and ingredients organized and within reach.

Sport Surfaces

Provide community-enhancing recreational spaces equipped with various sports courts and versatile multi-use play areas. These areas can be surfaced with durable synthetic turf for low maintenance, traditional asphalt, or specialized sports surfacing designed to meet the specific needs of different activities.

Granite Curbing

Granite is a hard, dense stone that can withstand the rigors of vehicular traffic, weathering, and other environmental factors better than many other materials. They define the edges of the pavement, preventing vehicles from driving onto sidewalks or lawns and delineating pedestrian areas.


Commercial grading is a crucial phase in the development of commercial properties, as it lays the foundation for successful construction and long-term functionality. Proper grading helps minimize risks such as flooding, soil erosion, and structural instability, while also maximizing the usability and value of the land for commercial purposes.

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Our dedication to excellence in commercial hardscape installations is evident in our comprehensive range of services. We also remain committed to quality craftsmanship, which is evident in our extensive portfolio of successful projects. From intricate landscaping designs and installations to durable and aesthetically pleasing hardscapes, our team of professionals is equipped to transform your commercial property into a visually stunning and functional space. We are proud to be a trusted partner for businesses in Metro Atlanta and the surrounding areas to enhance their outdoor environments. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your outdoor vision to life and add lasting value to your property. See how A Abby Group isn’t just a landscaping company, we craft experiences.
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