Turf Care

Fertilization & Weed Control

Turf fertilization and weed control is not as easy as it seems. An over treated lawn can lead to burnt patches and spreading store-bought products too thin will render little results. We aim for a healthy green turf with as little weeds as organically possible. Our seven-step program treats your lawn with the proper fertilization and pre-emergent weed control at the appropriate time of the year cycle. We are trained and licensed to handle and apply the high-grade chemicals we use.

Lime Applications

Lime is a natural product that helps raise soil pH. The pH is a measurement of a soil’s acidity or alkalinity. Many soils in our area are naturally acidic. Fertilizers will add to the acidity of soil over time, so lime is very beneficial to help counteract this event.

If a soil’s pH is too low then the turf grass will not be able to use all of the available fertilizer that is being applied and many post and pre-emergent weed controls will not be as effective. Lime is like a multi-vitamin to your soil’s overall health. If you would like a soil sample taken and sent off for a pH level test for $35, or to schedule a lime application, please call our office.

Insect & Disease Control

Excellent lawn care practices such as proper irrigation, good turf selection and a fertilization program will help control harmful insects. A visual inspection of your lawn can detect the various insects that could present a problem and a pesticide solution can be implemented.

Georgia’s warm and humid weather makes turf prone to insect and disease problems. It is important to start with high-quality sod and seed that are disease free. Turf-grasses should not be mowed more than 1/3 of the length of the grass. Removing more could cause the lawn to stress and promote disease. Dull mower blades cause turf to shred leaf blades requiring more water. All excess thatch should be removed to prevent shallow rooted turf, which also promotes insects and disease. It is really important to prepare the soil before installing sod or seeding.

Fire Ant Prevention

Fire Ants are stinging pests that interfere with outdoor activities and can cause allergic reactions in some cases. Colonies of fire ants tend to be more active in the Spring and Fall. Protect your lawn, pets and family from fire ants with our annual treatments by calling our office at 770-632-7288!

Core Aeration

This process will increase air penetration into the ground by removing plugs of soil. Our rolling coring equipment inserts prongs across the lawn surface pulling out plugs of soil. This practice will also stimulate decomposition of thatch. The proper time for core aeration is when the soil is moist enough to allow deep penetration.

Over Seeding

Autumn is the ideal time for overseeding cool season grasses such as Tall Fescue. Over seeding promotes a healthier lawn and will discourage weeds; an excellent practice to follow periodically. Most of us would not think of over seeding unless we have bare areas, but before over seeding, find out what created the bare areas; it might be fungi. Before over seeding the area must be raked to remove dead grass and debris and allow the seeds to penetrate into the soil.

Flexible Contracts

We provide many turf care programs tailored to your individual needs and turf. Give us a call and let one of our experts examine your lawn, you’ll be glad you did.

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